Sharing the Message of Fiery Darts


Sharing a testimony about Fiery Darts: Satan's Weapon of Choice

Sharing a testimony about Fiery Darts:

             Satan’s Weapon of Choice

   In August of 2015, my husband and I joined our son and his family in Scotland. Reason being was three-fold: 1) our son is planning on attending a university there and needed to finalize his registration 2) we had not seen our newest grandson 3) I would be fulfilling a lifelong dream to go to Scotland.

   While in Scotland, we made plans to include a visit with the family of an e-pal friend’s family. My friend was a pastor’s wife with 4 children, just like me! I had grown very attached to her and her precious family over the years. Sadly, about a year before I arrived, Ruth passed away due to cancer. Yet, her loving family took us in and even invited us to share with their church about our life and work. In this audio, by way of an interview you will hear of my connection with Ruth, a bit about my family, and of my book. Included in this link is also an audio of my husband’s sermon.

Mine and Bob’s interview with our friend and pastor of Larkhall Baptist Church.