Marriage or Divorce Is a Choice? WHAT?

What I share with you today weighs heavy on my heart.  While I feel frustrated to some degree because I can only cover this subject briefly (And the fiery dart tells me, ” So what’s the point? You won’t be able to make much of a difference in the few words allotted to you in this post.”)  I say to myself, “May this weapon formed against me not prevail,” and move forward with what’s on my heart.


Volumes, of course, could be written about divorce, but in this post I want to cover an often overlooked aspect of divorce from my book, Fiery Darts: Satan’s Weapon of Choice.

Couples tempted with divorce don’t see their marriage as the choice means of God whereby they could be fashioned to become more like Christ. They aren’t aware of the glorious opportunity marriage gives them to forgive and be forgiven.  They fail to understand how this element of forgiveness in marriage testifies of God’s redemptive plan.  They don’t see how fiery darts have so dulled their sensitivity toward the things of God, that they honestly think they have no alternative other than divorce. Because, you see, that marriage was all about them; they just couldn’t see that it was an instrument of God’s to conform them into the image of His Son and draw an unbelieving world to Himself! p.75-76

I wonder how many Christian married couples see the problems they are encountering with their spouse as an instrument of God’s in conforming them into His Son’s image?  And that the purpose of being conformed into the image of Christ is to draw an unbelieving world to Himself.

The sad truth is not many!  I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Satan has a greater understanding of the purpose of marriage than your typical Christian does.  I cover in detail the purpose of marriage in chapter 8 of my book which is entitled, “The Fiery Darts of Marriage,” but in a few words the purpose of marriage is to make us holy!  This idea came from a book entitled Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. If you only read one book about marriage, it aught to be this one!

Fiery darts have so desensitized us to what the Bible has to say about the purpose of marriage that most of us are clueless.  And why are we clueless?  Because we aren’t spending enough time in God’s Word to find out what He has to say on the subject!

Christian couples who are having marital problems too many times handle their problems just like those who are not Christians!  They have been so manipulated by fiery darts that they embrace the counsel of a secular world over the counsel of God.

Are we choosing pain, misery, and failure over joy, love, and victory?  Yes, that’s exactly what we are doing!  Do you have any idea of what is accomplished when a couple who is struggling in their marriage chooses to stay in that marriage for the sake of their children (that reminds me of a bold face lie I’ve heard before–get a divorce for the sake of the children) and for the sake of Christ?  Those children get a chance to grow up without the disillusionment and all the debilitating problems that would have been heaped upon them when their parent’s divorced!  Their testimony of not giving up adds validity to living the Christian life and draws unbelievers to Christ!

And what about couples whose problems are so severe that the world and even some Christians would counsel them that divorce is the best solution, but instead they choose by the grace and strength of God to repent and forgive?  And by doing so, send a resounding message of repentance and forgiveness to a world that is in desperate need of such redemption?  Wow! Now that’s what I’m talking about people!

If you are contemplating divorce, realize that you are being victimized by fiery darts.  There are things that you are believing that simply just are not true.  You are making choices and thinking thoughts that are designed to destroy you and inflict pain upon you and all involved.

God has an abundance of peace, joy and happiness just waiting for you. He won’t force it upon you though.  You have to choose to cooperate with Him!  Then my dear friend, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!”  Then and only then will Satan’s plans be foiled concerning you.  You have to make a choice!  And it is pretty simple really.

Here it is–Death or Freedom!

Oh yeah, the fiery darts whisper to you that it’s not that simple because your situation is much more complicated than that, right?  HA!  WRONG!  That’s a stinking fiery dart my friend. Resist it for all you’re worth.  Stand on the Word of God and choose the plan God has for you! Break free from the chains that bind you! (And, oh yeah, you may not notice those chains until you’re free of them. Part of the effect of fiery darts, you know!)


3 thoughts on “Marriage or Divorce Is a Choice? WHAT?

  1. See,,,I’m here,,,,,,,really like this post. It exposes marital problems for what they are,,,tools of Satan,,,and Fiery Darts!!!


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