Man opens his mouth and God speaks!

Recently I have had the most incredible experience.

 It started actually in a land far away–in Africa!


It was to be a routine drive into the nearby town to run a few errands for my son and a couple of volunteers from the US.  Along the way, they were flagged down by man who urged them to call the police for a lady of the village had hung herself.

When my son and the two volunteers arrived on the scene they found the woman still hanging from the tree with a makeshift rope about her neck.  She was still clinging to life, albeit ever so weakly.  The 3 rescuerers gently removed the rope and carried the woman to their truck.  Next stop–the clinic in the nearby town where my son was to be running those errands.

The woman was treated and survived!  My son and his friends then carried the woman to the base camp so she could properly be cared for.  Eventually, she was able to fill them in on what had led to her desperate act.

A few years earlier the woman had borrowed some money from a wealthy man in her village so that she could care for a sick relative.  Sadly, the relative died and the woman had been unable to repay the debt.  The man told the woman that she could use her land to repay some of the debt.  He then began farming her land a little every year.  Yet, this year he began plowing under the woman’s subsistence garden and claimed the land as his own.  Knowing that without this garden she would starve to death, she figured it would be better to die quickly than to slowly starve.

My son and his fellow team member, Jay, then traveled to the man’s home in an attempt to pay the woman’s debt with interest.  The greedy man wanted nothing to do with that solution.  His plan was to get the land (for it would mean more money for him).  Jay reminded the man that the woman would die if this man took her land.  His response was cold and calloused for he cared not what happened to the woman.

Finally, when nothing was resolved, the man said it would be handled in the traditional way.  Which entailed calling the witch doctor, making a sacrifice and calling down a curse that would cause the woman, her two sons, and Jay to die.

Witch Doctor

At that point, Jay told the man of greed, “I don’t think you want to go that route because you would surely lose!   You could call all of the witch doctors in the land and if Gods people were praying they could not hurt a hair on our heads!”

Following this bold statement, Jay became God’s mouth and these words were spoken, “Everything you see here in your presence will be gone within 6 months and you will be destitute having nothing to your name.  You will acknowledge that God is the only true god  as everything that you touch will fail until you repent and acknowledge your evil ways.”

*   *   *

What does this story have to do with fiery darts?


My next blog post will reveal the specifics!

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