I need your input!



 I have a special favor to ask of my Fiery Dart blog followers. If you would be willing, I need you to send me an email describing how the message of fiery darts and how to fight them is setting you free of the manipulation of fiery dart thinking (or negative thinking). I will be selecting a few to post on my blog. So when you send them, keep in mind they may wind up being included in my Fiery Dart blog. (I will not use your name or identifying information if I use your email. I will send you a copy of the post before I post it.)
   I write from my observations and personal experience, but I feel in order for this message to have a broader appeal, people other than myself need to share how their lives are being transformed by this message.
    I believe God prompted me to do this, so, please, prayerfully consider sending me your email responses.


Send your responses to: janetwarrenlane@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “I need your input!

  1. I deal with fiery darts, and I feel everyone does daily. When I feel Satan is putting me down, whether it is inwardly, or through someone else, I pray and share with God about what is going on. Another thing I do, if the fiery dart comes from an outward source, or someone else, I ask God to help me to love the other person with the agape love. And I try not to confront the other person. Sometimes anger can get the best of me, and I will fail in this area. But I try not to let this happen. Instead I aim to watch for God to work in each of our lives. And if we each respond to God’s working in our lives, this can be glorious. And I don’t share with the other person about my prayers about the fiery darts. I hope this will help others to deal with fiery darts. You can use this in your writings. Just don’t share my name. Thank you for inviting us to share. Love you, and miss your sweet face.


    • Thanks Rosie. Any responses that I use will not contain names. I will edit out any personal identifying references. You are my first responder. I pray there will be many more!


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