Concerning Easter



If it had not been for Jesus’s resurrection, there would be no Christianity. Now note, I used the word resurrection and that’s significant.



Christ Lived

Christ Died


Christ Arose!


All of the world religions were led by someone who lived and died. But

ONLY Christianity

serves a savior who not only lived and died but


   Satan knows Christ’s resurrection sounded his defeat. But before he goes down, his plan is to take as many of us with him as he can. Therefore, he attacks Christians early on in our faith walk, by distracting us from prayer and learning from God’s Word.

   This is where he always starts.

For keeping Christians uninformed and by distracting us from prayer, he slowly (but most assuredly) leads us down a road inundated with distractions meant to set us on an alternate route. A route that will lead us away from God. Thus, Christians who open themselves up to these distractions find themselves being conformed to the ways of the world.

   Ever notice how with every Christian holiday, there has been offered by the secular world a substitute reason to celebrate? And as the world grows less tolerant of Christian reasons for celebrating these holidays, the idea of substitute reasons for celebrating increases.

   How do we avoid cooperating (albeit unintentional) with Satan’s plan? It’s starts with waking up to Satan’s attacks. We must realize we are engaged in a spiritual battle. God’s plan is for us to be victorious, and in the Bible He has put everything we need to know about how to defeat our enemy. By putting into practice what we learn from God’s Word, our ability to recognize and reject these attacks increases. As we become more familiar with His plan, He reveals the particular Truth thoughts with which we can replace the enemy’s darts.  

   Concerning Easter, focus on the resurrection, allow no distractions. By all means celebrate but with every aspect of your celebration make sure it points to Christ’s life, death, AND RESURRECTION!


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