To Vote or Not to Vote?

   Tomorrow many Christians will still be struggling about voting. Why? Because they cannot vote for either candidate with a clear conscience! For some of them, they feel their choice is not to vote! I believe that good, God-fearing individuals have become convinced that is their only option.

But I respectively ask them to consider this!

   There are only two possible candidates that have a chance to be elected. Therefore one of those two will win the election. That is reality!  No matter what your feelings are about either one.

Therefore, since this is reality, you are faced with a question!

Is there one more so than the other that you do NOT want to be your next president?

   If you choose not to vote, then by that choice you have increased the chances that the person you don’t want to be your next president will win the election. 

   Since the race is closer than was previously reported, I believe it will be Christians who will cast the deciding votes! Leaders like Dobson and Graham are urging Christians, especially, to vote.

   I hope those of you who are struggling about who to vote for or about voting at all, will consider the fact that you are struggling against a fiery dart that is designed to confuse, and to cloud your judgement, in order to keep you from voting!

Consider these Truth Thoughts*:

 Not voting is a form of voting, as it will influence the outcome. We need to take responsibility for our actions, as well as our lack of actions. I Peter 1:13

Voting publicly recognizes that we submit to the authority of the political system in our nation as established by God. Romans 13:1-7

Voting is a simple yet significant way we can do something about politics in our nation. ‘All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing, Edmund Burke. Psalms 34:14


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