Weapons will fail!

Is. 54:17 “ No weapon that is formed against you will prosper;

While God is speaking only to Israel here, His assurances apply to Christians as well.

As we dig deeper into God’s word, truths become clearer. On the surface I see God’s assurance that He will protect us from these weapons. But does this mean He will keep us from being attacked? I confess, for some time now that was my perception. However, more recently I have come to realize my former perception was incorrect. I’ve come to understand that while the weapons are indeed formed and they indeed come against us they will not succeed in their intent. 

We need to expect weapons to be formed against us. We must remember that Satan has a mission of destruction for mankind. He will use anything and anyone to prevent us from coming to Jesus as our Savior. Or if we belong to Jesus, Satan will attack us with any weapon in his arsenal to damage our witness. His goal is to make those who claim Jesus to become weak and ineffective. 

But the verse in Isaiah 54:17 has good news. Those weapons that are sure to come against us WILL NOT SUCCEED. Romans 8:28 explains why. “All things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.” For you see, when the weapons come against us, God’s plan is to prevent them from succeeding. What Satan intends for evil, God turns into good. He filled the Bible with instructions on how to foil the enemy’s attacks. God’s plan is to make us stronger and wiser in the process as we apply the truths from God’s word. 

Because sin is the reality, God has made the way through Christ’s sacrifice that will empower us to live this earthly life victoriously. Satan’s weapons will come against us, be prepared for that. At the same time, be encouraged, for his weapons will not prevail.

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