The Salvation of Deep Roots

This is an old Cottonwood tree precariously perched on the bank of a creek near our house. While its roots are somewhat exposed on the creek side, it must have deep roots on the opposite side accounting for its tenacity. Otherwise, it would be going the way of many of its friends.

As I stood there on the bank opposite of this massive tree, a thought came to me. Though the creek’s water was seemingly insignificant compared to the giant perched on its bank, it contained a deceptive power to fell that tree. Lying within the deep ravine cut by that stubborn little creek were the Cottonwood’s friends. Friends who had been overcome by the deceptive and manipulative motion of water cutting away at the soil around them. Eventually, the day came when their roots had nothing solid to cling to. That small unrelenting rush of water held by the creek had claimed another victim.

There are forces at work in our lives today that take on the character of the deceptive water’s of that creek. We hardly notice the destruction they cause until after the damage is done. For some this realization comes too late. For others only the mightier hand of God can prevail against it.

It’s time we wake up! Take notice of those who have fallen. Seek God’s wisdom that exposes their folly. Call upon our Creator to sink the roots of our faith so deep that the forces seeking to destroy us will have to turn in another direction. Setting an example for those who would take notice of God’s power that prevents the waters from overwhelming us!

2 thoughts on “The Salvation of Deep Roots

  1. I love, love this!!! As I have said, I believe that our Father has placed Us in the midst of His nature creation to help see those applications to our spiritual lives! Well said!!


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