My Mother, a Centenarian, Wow!

Recently my mom celebrated her100th birthday. She is loved and admired by many, but especially her family. Often I remark about her being part of the greatest generation. So, I did some research on why this generation is so called. It seems Tom Brokaw, an NBC journalist, wrote a book entitled, The Greatest Generation (published in 1998), highlighting why he thought they were the greatest generation this society has ever produced. He mentioned how they had grown up during the Great Depression and went on to fight in World War II. It was the combined efforts of those who left home to fight the war and those who contributed to the war effort at home which molded the characteristics we read below. 

In reading over this list, I had in mind my mother and my mother in law (both widows), I can say it truly describes them. Not only them, but my father and my father in law, as well. While we still are reaping the blessings of the presence of my mother and mother in law, the impact of their husband’s legacy continues to be a guiding force in their family’s lives. 

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