Some relief please!

   Does your life seem complicated at times?  Do you feel like you just don’t have God’s full attention? You pray for guidance but it seems God remains silent. Does the peace you earnestly seek for continue to elude you? You fast, but the answers and the peace do not come. And while you are still waiting for answers, you get punched in the gut with more problems! 

  Yet, you have the sense to know that answers won’t come from any other source. Therefore, you know you must persevere. So you keep on asking the LORD.  All the while wondering when the relief will come.

  In the meantime, fiery darts are messing with your resolve to seek the LORD. They plant doubt and confusing thoughts into your mind. With these fiery dart thoughts,  your seeking the LORD grows more complicated. For now you must sort through these dark thoughts to be able to hear from and be guided by God’s Truth thoughts. 

What do you do in these valley times? 

   Might I suggest that you attack the fiery dart thoughts (those thoughts of negativity, hopelessness, discouragement, doubt, fear, impatience, etc) as soon as they enter your mind. Replace them with Truth thoughts such as Isaiah 54:17, Jeremiah 29:11, Hebrews 11:1, John 14:27, James 1:2-4, Philippians 2:13, Isaiah 43:4. Words from God to encourage you, give you hope, and to lift you up.

  And we’ve all lived long enough to know that sometimes the answers won’t come quickly (which seems the rule not the exception). At times, we might find that we just have to wait for the answers that seem so long in coming. It is during such times that we must arm ourselves with verses that instruct us as we wait.

waiting on God

  It is good for us to remember, that these dark times have a purpose. (Romans 8:28) God will use these times for our benefit and His glory.  Therefore, focusing on the following word from God, will keep our heads above water. And though the answers still may not come for awhile, these words will give us the relief we need to keep on keeping on. 

 Isaiah 48:17, “This is what the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel says:  I am Yahweh your God, who teaches you for your benefit, who leads you in the way you should go.


Right focus vs Wrong Focus!

“When you focus on situations that displease you, your mind becomes darkened… You look for what is wrong and refuse to enjoy life until (that wrong thing) is fixed.” (taken from Jesus Calling 4/6)

  The above statement was presented to me within my devotional reading this morning. Listen, this is my bent and how weary I grow of it.  But I couldn’t escape the obvious question that followed my reading of the above statement, “Is my focus causing me to not enjoy life?” 

   Recently, I reached a turning point in a particular displeasing situation which promised to put me on a path of enjoying life in spite of it. But as soon as my resolve was formed, fiery darts were aimed straight for it.  I’m sure designed to keep me from going any further in the direction my resolve was directing me. I was discouraged, disheartened, tempted to be weighed down by judgmental thinking. Certainly, I was not enjoying life!!!!

   But just in time, I heard a sermon which reminded me that God wanted to encourage me so I wouldn’t loose heart. Then a devotional reading reminded me that focusing on what was displeasing & troubling me would not only darken my mind but would eat away at my resolve. 

   So here I am still holding on to my resolve to focus on what is “right” in my life as He guides me through and above the displeasing situations! It’s a choice that propels me forward and prevent me wasting my time waiting for the things that are displeasing me to be fixed before I can start enjoying my life.