What does it mean to live like a Christian? Learn to tell the difference between what freedom is and what it is not…

By leaning upon God’s will, we are granted new and remarkable freedoms. The outside world sees us as chained. We go where they choose not, we see what they prefer to ignore, we dress in a manner they call severe. They hold up to us the so-called freedoms of this world and declare themselves happier for it. They live in blindness, both to the pains of others and the remorse and strife within their own souls.”

Quote by William Wilberforce, 1759-1833, A British politician and leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade

A venus flytrap (picture left)is like a spring-loaded trap that transforms into a ‘cage’ after responding to stimuli, such as when an unsuspecting insect contacts the surface.

Now you may be wondering what a carnivorous plant has to do with this post? Read on to discover the answer!

That fly was enticed by a sticky sweet juice emitted by the venus plant. This juice smells like a bouquet of fruit and plant flowers to the fly. Something quite familiar to the fly. Not realizing the danger it was in, it decided to check into what looked familiar to it. Thus it got mired down into the sticky substance and the teeth of the venus snapped shut and became a cage. Eventually the venus consumes the fly.

Christians who are not familiar with how the Bible defines truth are much like this fly. Their confusion about what is freedom and what is bondage leads to their entrapment.

A Christian whose search for freedom lies outside the boundaries of biblical truth, are venturing into a wilderness of deception. A wilderness where lies are disguised as truth and truth is disguised as lies. The side effects of living in this wilderness is blindness. A blindness that prevents them from seeing that the freedom and happiness they think they are experiencing is nothing more than license. And that happiness is nothing more than the thrill of getting their own way and getting pats on the back for it from others who wander about in the same wilderness.

But for a Christian, this fake freedom will eventually deteriorate. The Bible puts it rather succinctly.

 There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12 NIV

Christians who adopt the freedoms that run contrary to God’s word are entrapped just like the fly in a venus plant. Yet, unlike the fly there is a way to break free from such bondage before being consumed. By returning to God’s word, we will grow in wisdom and understanding as to the difference between true freedom and bondage. God’s light will illuminate the path of their escape. As the disciplining love of God turns them around and brings them to their senses, they will be restored to the fresh and cleansing winds of true freedom.

Defeating the Enemy-One book at a time!

Book signing at Applegarth Books

Things went well at my last book signing.  Dorie & Rachel both were there giving me their faithful support.  Rachel had the poster made (can’t see details because of the glare but it was just what I needed) and provided me with the stand.  This will be handy for future book signings.  While there were family members who weren’t able to attend (some just too far away!!!), it is comforting to know they would have been there if they could have.  Having my family’s support in this endeavor is a blessing from God.

I haven’t any personal ambitions concerning this book for what’s important to me is that other’s learn how to equip themselves to fight victoriously the battle against fiery darts.  With each book I sell, I’m encouraged that one more person has been given instructions in how to defeat the Enemy.

And if I’ve discovered anything, it’s that the skill to identify fiery darts grows with practice.  But I’ve also discovered that with increased skill comes increased attacks.  That’s not necessarily bad news folks!  It’s good news actually because it means more and more Christians are experiencing victory instead of defeat.  AND we live in a time when spiritual warfare has been intensified, SO we need to be prepared.

I’m particularly concerned for young people who live in a world that has trashed God’s standards for conduct.  I’m concerned for parents who have become confused and disoriented about how to raise their children to be strong in the LORD.  I’m concerned about the Church’s failure to support missions and to encourage discipleship; focusing instead too much on themselves.  I’m concerned that godly men and women in the political arena seem to be so confused about the difference between right and wrong.

At the core of the above problems are people who have become delinquent in their communication with God through prayer and Bible study.  Because of this, they aren’t aware of the most subtle and destructive weapon of fiery darts.  BUT I BELIEVE, that these same people will, if alerted, step up to the plate and cooperate with God in transforming their lives to becoming young people who are singleminded about serving their LORD; to becoming parents who know how to shut down the influences of the world on themselves and their children and instead raise up their children to be bold and active in living for God; to becoming the Church that never lacks the resources to send out missionaries (no matter the economic state of their environment) and has their priorities set on making Christ known to the world; to becoming a politician who isn’t confused about right and wrong and is bold and fearless when it comes to taking a stand for Christ.

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from a lack of knowledge.

The ability to obtain knowledge and not perish is available to anyone who desires it.  Hopefully, what you read in my book (and others like it) will alert you to the manipulation you might have succumbed to and you will turn to God and His Word and keep the Enemy at bay!