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Is 67 too old to dream?



Sometimes I feel like it is.

Especially when I think about the things in my life that have not turned out like I use to dream they would.

 A 67 year old should be reflecting on the dreams they had as a younger person and be basking in the wonder of living in the aftermath of those youthful dreams. Shouldn’t they?

 I am 67 but the dreams I had for a big part of my life never materialized. Instead, it became the source of some of the greatest of my disappointments and pain.

 If I focused only on my greatest disappointments and pain, I would have long ago drowned in them. You know, that was and continues to be our enemy’s plan.

 And even now, it would suit him to keep me focused on the dreams I never realized.

 But, if I did that then I wouldn’t have known the dreams that were fulfilled. Many of my dreams, the most important ones, were constructed by the One who loves me most from the broken pieces of my shattered dream. I have even realized some dreams that I never even thought to dream of.

 So, while the fiery darts whisper to me that I am too old to dream there is another Voice I listen to. And this is the Voice that says to me, “I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you; not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

This Voice doesn’t indicate that I have to stop dreaming when I get old. So, I will continue to dream about the places He would have me go and the things He would have me do.

 I’m 67 years old and the One I love tells me to keep on dreaming!



Questions for Parents!

   It troubles my heart as I observe Christian single individuals choosing a path (a path influenced by a world that has rejected Christ) but one they hope will led them to happiness, only to find disappointment and heartache, instead. I wonder, what were the fiery darts Satan used to manipulate these individuals? Perhaps this excerpt from my book, exposes some of Satan’s deception:

Reconsider the effect of the Adamic Curse. Society tells us that we need to search, that means by dating, for someone who will complete us, someone that will make us happy. If we buy into this thought, then Satan has no trouble fashioning a most deceptive fiery dart that will convince us that as individuals we are incomplete and we need the love of another person to make us whole. This fiery dart assumes we do not realize that it is the love of God that completes us and makes us whole, not a romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex. FD, p. 55-56

   In my book I expose Satan’s intent when it come to planting thoughts into our mind that eventually leads to the heartache and disappointment to which many fall victim!

Scriptures are obvious in describing Satan’s plan in John 10:10a, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;…” (NIV) So what is it that the Enemy desires to steal, kill, and destroy? The answer is obvious – anything God has planned for us!

  I have observed a dramatic difference in the lives of Christian single individuals who have discovered that a relationship with Christ goes beyond salvation! They have discovered that a deep relationship with Christ is what makes them whole and complete (even if, and especially if, they come from homes that failed to teach them this Truth). For these individuals Christ has become the deepest desire of their hearts. I have noticed that when they experience disappointment, that disappointment doesn’t rule them or ruin them. Instead, they trust Christ with all their heart and resist the temptation to try and figure out what went wrong on their own. Because the deepest desire of their heart is Christ, they trust Him to direct their path and lead them forward in His strength. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Therefore, Parents, here are a couple of questions I want to pose to you.

Are you raising your children to desire Jesus above all else?

Is Jesus the deepest desire of your heart?

Defeating disappointment with a thankful heart


   Disappointment is a notorious fiery dart! Some disappointments can easily be shaken off (for we don’t have strong feelings attached to them) and we are able to move on. Those aren’t the disappointments I want to highlight in this post however. The type of disappointments I want to address are those that are suffered repeatedly over a long period of time.

   Disappointments of this nature can cause serious damage. Not only to the person feeling the disappointment but to the relationship that is the source of the disappointments. Over time repeated disappointments can result in leaving thoughts exposed to a steady stream of fiery darts, each more hurtful than the one before. Eventually, depression will set in and the downward spiral begins, pulling the relationship and everything else down with it.

   At this point,

something extraordinary must happen if the fiery dart of disappointment and all its minions are to be conquered and healing is to be experienced.

   For me, it was God’s revelation

that my negative thoughts, Satan’s fiery darts, were being used against me. Satan knew my vulnerability. He knew my tendency to judge myself too harshly. He knew my tendency to assume I was inferior to others. Taking advantage of those tendencies, and knowing that I was neglecting to spend time with God in prayer and bible study, I was an easy prey and target for the volley of fiery darts Satan hurled at me.

   God not only exposed the weapon of fiery darts but He lovingly revealed to me how to fight back so that I would no longer be victimized by Satan’s tactics.

   Teachings about Truth thoughts– my saving grace!

Here’s one of the most efficient Truth thoughts I have called upon to defeat repeated disappointments. (Yes, it is also a great one for the fiery dart of worry🙂

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

   Allow me to share how this works.

   The key word in this Truth thought is ‘thanksgiving’. When I began to apply the lessons God had been teaching me in how to recognize and defeat fiery darts, I began to heal from the damage Satan’s fiery dart of disappointment had inflicted upon me. No longer, was I demeaned and defeated by this fiery dart’s attack. As my heart began to heal, thankfulness began to swell up within me. God’s peace saturated my thoughts, replacing the evil intention of the fiery dart of disappointment.

   Though repeated disappointments (and their minions) continue their attacks, they do not succeed in overwhelming me as before. In quoting Truth thoughts, by God’s grace, I am able to resist its force.  For I am reminded that God is able to guard my heart and give me peace even in the face of these repeated disappointments.