Defining Fiery Darts


In order to help you gain a better understanding of what I mean by fiery darts, I have included two excerpts from my book.  

* * *

What we think determines how we feel and what we feel influences our actions.  A negative action is often the result of negative thinking.  Understandably, if Satan can negatively influence our thinking then temptations to act negatively will be harder for us to resist.  Therefore, negative thinking because of its destructive power can be described as a weapon.  A weapon Satan skillfully uses to demoralize individuals in God’s army. (p. 15)


Before Satan can be successful with the use of fiery darts, he must do a little groundwork.  In order for us to be desensitized toward the lies of fiery darts, we must have our understanding of the Truths of Scripture diminished.  By tempting us to spend little time in God’s Word, our ability to recognize the lies of fiery darts is equally diminished if we give in to that temptation.  In the place of God’s Truth, the world’s concept of truth begins to define our thinking. (p. 23)

* * *

  Let me ask you a question.  Do you have much trouble finding time for Bible study?  If you are like most of us, the answer is yes.  You desire to have a quiet time or time of devotion.  You desire to have it regularly, but something always seems to interfere.  

Here are some of the fiery darts you may encounter when you are attempting to have Bible study:

  • I don’t have time now so I’ll do it later. 
  • I’m too tired or too sleepy.
  • There are just too many distractions.
  • This just isn’t a good time.
  • I just don’t feel like it.

It’s not coincidental that the above types of thoughts trouble us when we are prompted by the Holy Spirit to  spend time in prayer and Bible study.  Keeping us out of God’s Word and keeping us from spending time in prayer are the two most formidable fiery darts used by the Enemy.  He can manipulate us with ease if we are weak in these two disciplines. 


So, what thoughts or fiery darts attack you when you are trying to make time to pray and study your Bible?

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