Negative Thinking Redefined

 I’d like to post a quote from my book to introduce you to the concept of fiery darts.

* * *
      Have you ever been a victim of your own thinking?  Have thoughts ever paralyzed you or driven you to do something you knew was wrong or, at least, just not good for you? Are you susceptible to those who question the stand you take for God to the point that you become more concerned with what they think than you do with what God thinks? Have you ever experienced the exhilaration of making a commitment to God, only to weaken in your resolve a short time later?  Has confusion ever been so great in your mind that you found you were frozen in your steps and unable to move forward or even back to God?  Do you find yourself growing less and less sensitive to sin?  These types of questions are troubling to any believer, of course.  And, a walk of faith troubled by any or all of these questions results in a life characterized by very few peaks and far too many valleys.
         Satan has at his disposal a vast arsenal of weapons with which to wage war against God’s people.  While it is obvious he often draws upon weapons such as war, evil rulers, persecution, discrimination, poverty, adultery, murder, and broken homes, to highlight only a few, there is one weapon that is so subtle many Christians fail to recognize it as a weapon at all! This weapon is negative thinking or what I have come to call fiery darts, a weapon seemingly insignificant yet incredibly dangerous.  It is the purpose of this book to expose this weapon and reveal how its destructiveness can be subdued.
* * *
(My comments re the above)
Negative thinking or fiery darts are subtle. For years I was clueless about how I had been manipulated by them. But now that God has revealed the strategy Satan has been using against me, the enemy does not find me so vulnerable.  It’s not that I don’t have to deal with fiery darts now that I’m knowledgeable about them, it’s just they don’t possess the power to manipulate me like they use to do.

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