Imagination & Reason

Reason Inspired by Good imagination

C S Lewis (author of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, remember) stressed the connection between imagination and reason. Yet, our world has a hard time understanding this. And after studying on Lewis concept, I can better understand why.

Okay, here’s one person’s definition of Lewis’s concept:

Reason and imagination are woven together, using a rich concept of truth which emphasizes how we come to see things properly, and grasp their inner coherence. (in other words, how they stick together)

Reason and imagination are easily understood as separate concepts. But, it took awhile for me to understand how they were connected. Dr. Harry Poe, a professor at Union University, and an authority on C S Lewis’s writings offers this perspective;

“Evangelicals have a wary suspicion of imagination and the artistic expression that comes from it, probably because of St Paul’s warning about vain imagination to the Romans and the idolatry and false religion that proceeds from it.”

So, there is good imagination and bad imagination! It was good imagination coupled with the rich concepts of truth influenced by God’s word, reason, that inspired the writing of Narnia. On the other hand, it is bad imagination influenced by false reasoning that produces lies from which the enemy manipulates and deceives.

Allow me to illustrate.

Consider the impact that secular media has on how we view life. If we are not familiar enough with God’s truths or have rejected anything having to do with God, then we don’t have a proper filter to discern the difference between good and bad imagination. We won’t be able to recognize the lies hidden within the movie scripts and/or other sources of media we may be exposed to. We will slowly but surely be desensitized as to what is truth. As a result, our choices and decisions will be impacted by the vain imaginations and false reasoning temptingly portrayed in what we view, read, or listen to.

So while I am sure there is much more clarity to be had on this subject, here’s what I have gleaned so far. When we combine good imagination and reason (truths from God), then we will have the right source to influence how we come to view life. When we combine bad imagination and false reasoning, then we will be influenced to view life with a distorted view and our lives will be doomed.

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