Book For Fathers

Father’s are the first book their children will read! What will it tell them?

I think that if a father is seeking a guide book on how to be the best father he can be, he should look for:

A book that teaches about unconditional love.

A book that teaches about forgiveness.

A book that teaches how to put other’s needs (not wants), especially their children’s, above their own.

A book that teaches about sacrificial love.

A book that teaches how to subdue their pride, especially when it comes to their children.

A book that teaches how a father should guide their children.

A book that teaches about tough love when faced with a rebellious child.

A book that teaches him how to expect the best from their children.

A book that teaches them how to teach their children to think for themselves; not spoon-feed knowledge/truths to them.

A book that teaches them how to lead their children by example.

A book that teaches them how to teach their children to respect authority.

A book that teaches their children how to stand up for those being wronged.

A book that teaches about the importance of honoring others.

A book that teaches them how to be an example of courage.

A book that teaches them to stand strong in their faith.

And finally, a book that would teach them how to be the kind of father that would reflect the Heavenly Father.

Because after all, a child first learns about God’s character by first witnessing it in their earthly fathers. That image will either prepare their hearts to love God or reject Him. Or create such a disinterest they will not pursue finding out who the Heavenly Father is.

What do Father’s have to do with God?

God’s Plan

Ephesians 6:4, “And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the LORD.” NKJV

   Where or from whom does a person first learn of God?   

   It’s in the home, in particular the father, (not from mom and not the church) where God planned for children to get their first lessons about who He is. The family unit was to be an earthly reflection of God’s design for the personal relationship our Heavenly Father wanted to have with His earthly children. It was God’s intention that earthly fathers would not only  reflect God to their children but, in addition, model God’s character by the way they loved and provided for their own families.

About those fiery darts!

John 10:10a, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;…” (NIV) So what is it that the Enemy desires to steal, kill, and destroy? The answer is obvious – anything God has planned for us! p. 1, FD
   Let’s consider the position of earthly fathers in introducing their children to their Heavenly Father. If Satan can manipulate a father to misunderstand the impact his position has in God’s plan, then not only has he set in motion the destruction of the father, but his children as well.
   If a father attempts to love his children without God’s direction, it will be an incomplete type of love. There will always be something missing. Their children will suffer from the lack of that missing component. Which is exactly Satan’s plan. 
   And may I reassert, if the father is a Christian, the very first thing Satan will do will be to pull father’s away from the Bible and time spent with God in prayer. If the father is not a Christian, then Satan’s job is so much the easier. For we live in a society that has rejected God and fathers of this present society are influenced to feel God or a relationship with Him is no longer necessary.
   Our country desperately needs our father’s to return to God in repentance. Assume the responsibilities of introducing their children to God and His ways by reflecting God’s ways and character before them. The place to begin is in spending consistent time in prayer and the study of God’s Word to remind fathers that the relationship they have with their children will either be one that will turn their children to God or away from Him.