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Book For Fathers

Father’s are the first book their children will read! What will it tell them?

I think that if a father is seeking a guide book on how to be the best father he can be, he should look for:

A book that teaches about unconditional love.

A book that teaches about forgiveness.

A book that teaches how to put other’s needs (not wants), especially their children’s, above their own.

A book that teaches about sacrificial love.

A book that teaches how to subdue their pride, especially when it comes to their children.

A book that teaches how a father should guide their children.

A book that teaches about tough love when faced with a rebellious child.

A book that teaches him how to expect the best from their children.

A book that teaches them how to teach their children to think for themselves; not spoon-feed knowledge/truths to them.

A book that teaches them how to lead their children by example.

A book that teaches them how to teach their children to respect authority.

A book that teaches their children how to stand up for those being wronged.

A book that teaches about the importance of honoring others.

A book that teaches them how to be an example of courage.

A book that teaches them to stand strong in their faith.

And finally, a book that would teach them how to be the kind of father that would reflect the Heavenly Father.

Because after all, a child first learns about God’s character by first witnessing it in their earthly fathers. That image will either prepare their hearts to love God or reject Him. Or create such a disinterest they will not pursue finding out who the Heavenly Father is.

Undeserved Gifts


I would like to give my readers a break today. Let’s focus on something other than the out of control violence running rampant in our land. After you read this, those concerns will still be there.  But may this respite of a read introduce some calmness into those concerns.

      I get to live on a farm! I’m 71 years old (next month I’ll turn 72 but that’s irrelevant). Sometimes, I feel guilty about getting to live here. Why?  Because I don’t contribute to the maintenance of the farm. But my daddy (Daddy has 4 children, 3 of us live here on the farm. We still, even in our 70’s and 80’s, refer to this man as Daddy. It’s our farm culture. The way we speak.)

     But I digress. I live here because it is a gift from my daddy. I didn’t do anything to deserve this acre of land I live on, other than being a child of my father’s.

     Wow, does that remind me of something! Isn’t that the way of things in the spiritual world, too? Let’s examine the parallels. As Christians, we are born into God’s kingdom. That spiritual birth entitles us to the abundant life and eternal life that Jesus died for. It’s our birthright as God’s children. We did nothing to deserve this life. It is ours due to our spiritual birth into God’s family and Christ’s sacrifice.  

     My life here on the family farm was ultimately provided by my Heavenly Father. It was about 26 years ago, that my family of 6 moved onto the homeplace. This was made possible by a gift from my earthly father.

     Stepping out onto my front porch while enjoying the welcomed coolness of a late spring morning, I heard the revving of the mower’s engine, signaling the first hay cutting of the season.  I won’t go into all the beautiful details of why this is one of my favorite pleasures of living in the corner of a big ole hayfield. Yet my reverie of thoughts was waylaid with the intrusion of thoughts of guilt. I was reminded (and we all know the source) that while my brothers and nephews work hard for this farm, I can make no such claim. 

     Why, on earth, you may ask would I spoil this picture of drawing in the sweet fragrance of new-mown hay, as I watched the birds perched on electrical lines anticipating the goodies the mower uncovers for them? Well, it’s Satan’s way. Attacking us with negative thoughts, for the purpose of undermining the perspective God sacrificed to give us. 

     But I know something too. I don’t have to give into such thoughts. (I call them fiery darts) My perceptive daughter in law reminded me (not long ago) that I have what I have because of who I was born to. And when I take on that perspective then I am at peace about enjoying this undeserved gift. 

    So, Satan be forewarned. Every time you try to plant that fiery dart thought into my head, I will remind you that like the undeserved gift of my salvation, my home here is an undeserved gift as well. I choose to honor both my fathers with a thankful heart for the undeserved gifts that my birth permits me to enjoy.