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Seasons of Contentment

As a 73 year old mother and grandmother, I am finding that the winter season of life is an unbalanced mixture of highs and lows. And, as is too often the case, my perspective is fashioned by the self-centered bent of my fleshly nature. You know, that part of us that we are all born with and until we invite God’s spirit to dwell within us, rules our thinking.

Ever since the last of my 4 fledglings flew from the nest (that was 18 years ago), it’s been an up and down journey for this mom. Contentment was a constant as I was raising my four beloved children. But as one by one they took flight, my contentment began to wane. And was sorely tested when my entire brood moved out and away. Since then while they have moved sometimes closer and sometimes further (even one went to live on the African continent) my contentment ebbed and flowed in concert with their change of addresses . Predictably, the arrival of grandchildren, as wonderful as that has been, contributed to an even greater elusiveness of contentment.

Initially, there were times when I thought, “I just can’t do this.” The reason being, I was brought up on a farm where children grew up and planted their homes not too far away. Therefore, I was predisposed to expect the same future for my growing babes. And even more so since returning to my childhood roots about 40 years ago to establish my forever home.

Yet, the cold reality is that the contentment of my four grown up children is now defined as mine was when we shared the same nest. My presence is no longer necessary to their contentment. Instead,I have become an accessory.

And you know what I am discovering? Being an accessory is as it should be. It’s the way of life. I am learning that only when I allow the lies of fiery darts to interpret my thoughts, will I wander into the valley of despair.

Every season of life is designed for a purpose. God reminds me of this, when I am tempted to allow sadness and my lack of contentment to fashion my attitudes and actions. Plain and simple, my friends, this is nothing but disobedience. Besides, my discontentment will steal the blessings God has for me in this season.

Up until my Winter season there were an abundance of reasons for my seasonal contentments. They were blessings straight from God. And they motivated me in overcoming the hardships I encountered. But in my Winter season the absence of those preferred blessings created a gap in my contentment. That is until I came to terms with the fact that the truest and best contentment can only be found in Christ. This type of God-given contentment opens the door to appreciate a whole new realm of contentments designed to enhance the Winter of my life. Being contented in Christ is the perspective we need to envision all the possibilities for contentment no matter the season of life, but especially in our life’s Winter season.



     Recent news about the persecution of Christian in Iraq has pierced my heart and my mind. I awake each morning thinking of the mothers and grandmothers who along with their children and grandchildren have been murdered by ISIS in Iraq! As I go about my day, I think about those families that have escaped and are hiding in the mountains hoping to be rescued and  desperate for water and food! I go to bed heartbroken because families have been murdered for no other reason than that they are Christian (just like me)!
     Fiery dart thinking attempts to persuade me that there is nothing I can do. Fiery dart thinking lulls me into a false sense of security because I am so far removed from the horrors going on in Iraq to women like me. Fiery dart thinking turns my focus onto a president and his cohorts who look the other way and do little to intervene to eradicate the ISIS and their abhorrent deeds. These thoughts, if I allow them to, will grab my focus and entrap me into thinking that because my own country is hiding in the bushes, there is little I can do to help. 


   I am going to pray like I have never prayed before!

     I am going to urge others to pray!

I am going to research and publish on my Fiery Dart Facebook page and in this blog facts about the persecution towards Christians in Iraq!

I am going to remind my fellow believers right here in my world that our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq are being murdered because they believe in Christ (just like us). Fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, etc. are dying because (just like us) they are Christians!

I am going to contact the IMB and give towards helping the refugees and am going to urge my friends and fellow believers to do the same!

 “Help respond to Iraq’s refugee crisis by donating to the International Mission Board’s general relief fund or by texting imbrelief to 80888, which will donate $10 to that fund. To give through Baptist Global Response, visit gobgr.org/donate or text bgr to 80888.”


that greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world!

I am going to remember that God and God alone is our refuge and strength in times of trouble!

I am going to remember that through the prayers and acts of many these persecuted Christians will be helped and delivered!

And finally, I am going to remember that Jesus is returning (maybe sooner than we think) and will set all things right! He will once and for all rid this world of its darkness, shinning His brilliant light of peace and truth healing our land!