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The Great Civil War


     No, I’m not referring to the battle between the North and the South of 1861-1865. I am referring to the ongoing present-day battle between our fleshly nature (pleasing ourselves) and the spirit of Christ within us. Let’s allow God’s Word to illustrate:


Romans 8:5-8 NIV

Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires, but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.

As Christians, we must ask ourselves, “What is our mind set on?” 

Was our mind set on spending time with God in prayer and His word at anytime this day?

Was our mind set on pleasing God with our words, attitudes, and actions as we proceeded through our day?

Was our mind set on seeking God’s will as we faced the problems of our day?

What is our mind set on when we encounter suffering?

What is our mind set on when others wound or attack us?

What is our mind set on when we are tempted to fear?

What is our mind set on when we are tempted to judge another’s actions?

     This is not an all-inclusive list of questions, but enough I hope to prompt an evaluation. How we answer these questions reveals who rules our desires. If our mind is set on pleasing God, then our enemy will make certain to come against us. The war between our flesh and God’s Spirit within us ensues. Our civil war indicates the presence of God’s Spirit actively fighting against our fleshly desires.

But if there is no civil war, then it’s imperative to our eternal existence that we answer this question: Why not?


Sometimes we just need to fast!


Sometimes there is such a controversy going on in our heads between fiery darts and Truth thoughts, that we find we just can’t think straight! Some fiery darts are obvious! So we simply reject them. Some fiery darts make a lot of sense (common sense truth, p.38, 3rd edition FD)! Those are harder to sort through but reject them we must. And each and every time we reject a fiery dart, replacing it with a Truth thought is mandatory. Otherwise, more fiery darts will rush back in (to keep our thinking murky)! (The 3 R’s of FD’s page of this blog)

Clear thinking seems to be beyond our grasp at times like these. But clear thinking is just what is required to gain the peace we long for. If our problematic situation leaves us frustrated, discouraged, disheartened, angry, (all fiery darts, by the way) and our prayers are flavored with these menacing thoughts, then I recommend fasting!

Fasting isn’t a very popular spiritual discipline! We are willing to try praying a little more, counseling with a friend, or reading the Bible more. But fasting? We admit defeat before we even start with that one. Too hard! Can’t do it!

And oh my, what if we make the valiant effort  but feel impressed to fast more than once! Fast until the light begins to dawn, and our thinking becomes clear? Until we finally get the answer to that problem we fasted over in the first place? Hold on, we may find ourselves asking. Is that really necessary?

Listen, we are not going to be encouraged to fast. (The natural bent within us is to avoid fasting) But there are some problems that just don’t find their solution any other way. It’s a heavy Truth! But one we must not wrangle with God over. If, we truly are seeking answers!

I have a few suggestions. Listen to Christian music during your fast. Reason being, we need to be reminded of the things the fiery darts would have us forget while we are fasting. Do this in addition to pausing now and then to read the Bible. We have to be deliberate about what we focus on. And journaling our thoughts and the whisperings of the Holy Spirit during a fast will prevent forgetfulness. 

And remember, one time may not be enough. (Most likely it won’t) Just be open to following God’s lead in this. Pray for God’s strength to persevere until the answer or the peace comes! Keep in mind, the fiery darts would tempt us to quit (though the breakthrough or the turning point may be just steps away)!



Something to prayerfully consider!


   The purpose of this blog is to offer practical applications in how to fight fiery dart temptations and thinking. The book, however, reveals the full facets of this menacing weapon and what we need to know to contend with it successfully. I have inserted a table of contents below to reveal the extent of these facets concerning fiery darts. 


   After reading over this table of contents and the back cover comments, perhaps you would desire to delve deeper in your understanding of this spiritual warfare? If so, click on the words “Order Now” on the right side of this page, to secure your own copy.

An e-book version is available as well. fiery-darts-bkcover

May we  learn to extinguish all the fiery darts of the enemy victoriously!

Ephesians 6:16














Fiery Darts? Oh I know what that is!

FYI I have recently returned from a 2 1/2 months stay in the land of Uganda in order to visit with my son, daughter-in-law, and brand-new grandson.  And while I went there on a grandmother’s mission, God added an aspect to my mission that was quite unexpected.

I won’t go into any details here about the alterations God made in my trip but I invite you to read about that in my other blog:


I mention my trip because of the insight God gave me due to my experiences there into what He continues to teach me about fiery darts.

* * * *

First of all, I’d like to address something that became apparent to me during my stay in Uganda.  I am concerned that the term ‘fiery darts’ is a term perhaps overly familiar to Christians.  Why would that cause me concern?

If you are overly familiar with something, you tend to take it for granted.  Right?  So in applying this thought to the term fiery darts, it is becoming apparent to me that when I bring up fiery darts in a conversation most people (esp. Christians) assume that they know  what I’m talking about.  And I believe they do too; just not as much as they think they do.

It took an in-depth study and lots of years of personal experience for me to be able to identify the fiery darts that were plaguing my mind.  Then after God introduced me to what fiery darts were (and who was responsible for wielding this weapon against me), He began teaching me as to how I could counter their attacks.

From all of that came the book:

Fiery Darts: Satan’s Weapon of Choice

Once you start reading the book or even just glancing over the table of contents, you’ll discover that there’s so much more to know about fiery darts than just being able to define them.

I encounter Christians who are unknowingly being victimized by fiery darts. While they might  even acknowledge a negative thought as a fiery dart, they are unskilled when it comes to preventing these fiery darts from defining attitudes and/or actions. Or worse yet, they aren’t able to recognize the fiery darts that’s victimizing them!

So what am I trying to say here?

What these Christians need to do is to educate themselves about this term they are so-o-o familiar with, because defining the term ‘fiery darts’ is just the tip of the iceberg.  Obviously, getting your hands on my book (or even rereading with the intent of studying it if you already have one) is something I strongly suggest.  The benefit of studying my book is that I have gone through the trials that taught me how to recognize and fight fiery darts.  You can benefit from the lessons I learned in those trials by making my book an object of your personal study. (You can’t imagine how much better that will be for you!)

Or do an in-depth study of your own on this subject.  Whatever you do find out all that you can to thwart the attacks of fiery darts.

In my next post, I’d like to share with my readers a little jewel God gave me while in Africa which added to my own arsenal to counter the attack of fiery darts.

How to get my book

All you have to do is to google the title of my book:  Fiery Darts: Satan’s Weapon of Choice  to locate my book online.  And for you e-readers it’s available on Kindle!

Or type in the following website:  http://newbookpublishing.com     to order a book from them. (they have it on Kindle as well)

And for those of you who live in my area, you can get a book from me personally.  Contact me at     janetwarrenlane@gmail.com   for details as to cost.